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Your Guide To Buy Pearls

At Pearlholic®, product education is our top priority. With a full array of pearls from numerous sources and with differing pricing, choosing the right product can be confusing. How do I know what size is right? Who can I trust? With our experience in the pearl business, we have put together a six-step process for you to help you understand all the different varieties of pearls available in the consumer marketplace, including who sells what, how to judge quality and finally, how to link pearl quality to market value.

Approach this section of our website as you would the instruction manual of a new appliance you have just purchased. Of course you just want to plug it in and go. However, somehow or another, you’ll always end up paging through the instructions. Please take the time and go through this simple six-step pearl necklace buying guide. If you want to learn how to choose pearl earrings and jewelry or find out what pearls are the best pearls to buy, it offers valuable information that will save you time and money. Each title is a link that will take you to more detailed instructions, so simply click to learn more. When the time comes to buy pearl earrings online or any other type of pearl jewelry, you’ll thank us!

STEP 1: Understand the variety of pearls available in the marketplace.

STEP 2: Learn how to identify quality.

STEP 3: Choose the appropriate pearl size.

STEP 4: Choose the appropriate necklace length.

STEP 5: Link pearl quality to market value.

STEP 6: Purchase your strand pearls at wholesale prices.

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